The Rat peoples of CA-5354, who primarily live in the Forgotten Swamps west of The Warrens. Restless by nature, they consistently rebel against their High Fovos overlords. At the beginning of The Age of Turmoil, they were confined to the Forgotten Swamps, with enchanted statues hemming them in, as a consequence for yet another failed revolution. The High Fovos they angered wasn't allowed to kill them outright, since they are much loved by their Patron Fovos, but the punishment of permanent confinement was perhaps worse: the Sapila beat themselves bloody against the barrier, forever hoping that they could escape.

In The Cold Age they were given a reprieve, and allowed to roam the earth again. However, Sapila guilds were ignored by all but the most usurious High Fovos, and were rarely able to negotiate for magic usage.