The Kako are evil, tribal rabbits who dock their ears, wear their teeth to points, cover their fur with the blood of their enemies, who partake of flesh. Their minds have been twisted and undone for generations, and now there are none left who have the capacity for thought beyond survival. They are generally jet black or pure white, with a high occurrence of albinos with livid pink eyes.

Late in The Age of Understanding, the young leader of the accursed rabbits, Kwaku, fought against The Erpo and lost most of his tribe in the bloodbath. The suffering of those who survived was too much for young Kwaku, and he argued strongly against continuing existence. At first he was in favor of mass suicide, but over time his views softened, and he realized that what his tribe needed was not the end of existence, but the end of self-consciousness: the source of his pain. He lead his tribe to do magical and dangerous things to their brains, many times with lethal results, until none of them contained any consciousness not found in a rabid dog. This process was purified and perfected in the Oblivion Potion. With this task done, Kwaku laid powerful spells over his tribe to insure that all offspring would be born with the accursed magic in them, and finally ingested the fearful magics himself, and joined his tribe in living oblivion, free of real suffering.

The accursed rabbits continue to be fearfully powerful, and unwittingly protect The Blessing of Blood as the swarm through the dark forests of The Downs.