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An example of a High Fovos prior to The Age of Rebirth. This is an image of Ikrah.

The most powerful and wicked of The Fovos. Up until The Age of Rebirth, the High Fovos appear like well-dressed 18th century aristocrats, with powdered wigs and finery. The male High Fovos wear white wigs, and the female High Fovos wear pastel-colored wigs - pink, light violet, or blue.

After losing the war against the Animalia, the High Fovos lost the ability to determine their own appearance, and exploded into horrific amalgams of living dark magic, bone, and flesh.

Almost all magic of immense power comes from The High Fovos.

Habits and lifestyle Edit

High Fovos use living beings as playthings, tormenting and deceiving The Low Fovos and Animalia alike.

The male High Fovos tend to be restless and high-strung, intent on sucking the marrow out of the universe. They constantly seek new stimulation and experiences, which becomes increasingly difficult as their immortal lives drag on. They will enter into a contract, and then do everything they can to make sure that the other party doesn't get what they want - or better, actually ends up worse off. They find mortality and regret to be some of the most perplexing and amusing subjects of study.

Female High Fovos are rarely seen by the Animalia. They tend to spend their time in excessive luxury and exquisite boredom. In fact, they seek out the pain of boredom, and love nothing more than to wallow in the meaninglessness of their lives.

Significant High Fovos Edit