Name meaning: Fear.

Can also be referred to as fae, fair folk, or the fearful ones. Fovos is the name they choose for themselves.

The Fovos are creatures of thought and emotion. Their appearances can be misleading, because the Fovos appear as they see themselves. For this reason most Fovos, regardless of age, appear very young. A Fovos that appears older is usually more jaded and worldly, as their perception of the world shifts so does their appearance. This ability to change their appearance was taken away from them at the end of The Animatronic Age.

Most Fovos don't die naturally, though sometimes they do permanently transform into something connected to their central element. Sylph may eventually transform into birds, Salamanders became the first dragons, etc. Sometimes a Fovos may even become an entirely new kind of creature, such as the plantlike creatures that appear in the world of Thistledown.

The Fovos take many forms, but are generally divided into two categories, The High Fovos and The Low Fovos.